A fragrance for every need. We have innovative and creative fragrances that allow to evoke special and unique environments both in home and office, such as and in all types of spaces, hotels, restaurants among others (ex. automotive line). Fragrances adapted to any type of air freshener, in line with the latest olfactory trends.


We make housework a true sensory experience. The housewife will enjoy the work, which will become a fun and sensory experience, thanks to the perfumes specially designed to create pleasant sensations and relaxation in all daily activities.


Sophisticated and lasting perfumes. We like to take care of the most precious garments of the whole family, so we develop fragrances with an exclusive and personal touch to perfume detergents, softeners and additives for the care of household clothes. Standing out for presenting fragrances that stimulate us naturally, giving a feeling of freshness and cleanliness in all cases. Likewise, we have encapsulated fragrances, making it possible to perfume the garments for much longer, enhancing the residuality of the fragrances during washing and drying, maintaining freshness even when wearing clothing. Thanks to the controlled release of the capsules,they act when rubbed with use.


Fragrances specially developed for personal care, using the latest olfactory trends of fine perfumery. Our imagination and fantasy are reflected in the most creative, delicate and sophisticated essences for skin and hair care. Refreshing bath and shower gels, stimulating shampoo or revitalizing creams, scented with fragrances that convey a feeling of care, cleanliness, hydration and softness.