Proteases break insoluble proteins, transforming them into soluble peptides that are removed from clothing. They also help remove protein-based spots such as: BLOOD, EGG, MEAT, DAIRY DERIVATIVES, HERBS and CHOCOLATE.

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Starch is a large polymer formed by glucose units. Amylases break down starch into small fragments of water-soluble dextrins, improving dirt removal. Starches are present in most foods: mashed potatoes and legumes, mashed wheat flour, cornmeal sauces, gestal desserts, cereal flakes, etc.

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It is a stabilized enzyme, with high lipolytic activity. Detergent applications for cold washing. BIOLIPASE «L» hydrolyzes triglycerides more easily dispersible. The product has a positive effect on cotton, mix and synthetic garments, on the removal of fatty stains and the whiteness of the tissues.

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Application in detergents for cottons with dark colors (t-shirts, pants) Cellulases eliminate lint, remove dirt particles and optical dyes and restore the brightness of the original color. Performance is greatly affected by proteases (destroy the active center).

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Hydrolysis of glucomannan (guar gum, garrofin gum), commonly used in food thickeners. They prevent the replacement of cotton spots. They improve the elimination of chocolate, fruit, ice cream stains.

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